Social Media

SocialMediaGraphicSocial media marketing can be daunting, especially if you’re new on the scene. We can help you with everything from training you or your team how to make your social media goals reality to managing your day-to-day social media activities.


Cut your social teeth with a one-on-one or team training session to present an overview of the social media world, introduce and educate you on a specific platform, or provide an in-depth look at one specific social media task you’re hoping to tackle.


We’ll do the legwork to provide you with a social media situation analysis so you don’t have to. We’ll address the following:

– What is your current social media activity achieving?
– What your competitors doing?
– Where are your customers spending their time online?

From our findings, we’ll sit down with you and discuss the goals you hope to achieve through social media.


We’ll take the goals we’ve worked with you to set and put together a strategic plan to help you meet them. We’ll cover:
– The social media platforms you should be using
– The sort of content you should be sharing on those sites
– A schedule of content to post on each particular platform
– Clients, potential clients, and industry leaders you should be interacting with on each platform


All in- We’ve put together a plan for you to reach your social media goals now let us take it from here. We can handle all of your day-to-day social media activities: posting your content, interacting with your clients and contacts, and responding to feedback and passing it along to you.
With this option you get all the benefits of social media but we’ll tackle all of the work.
Promotion specific- You want to take on the daily social media responsibilities but have a specific promotion you don’t have time to execute? We can devote the time and effort to execute the promotion to help you reach your goals without adding more to your plate.


You’ve got the social media basics down but something comes up that you just can’t wrap your head around, call us. Whether it’s advice on your tactics or a question about how to get a platform to do what you want, we’re like your social media On-star, there when you need us.